The jungle is in mourning once again

The routes that cross protected areas in Misiones became a deadly trap for jaguars again. On Sunday, March 25, on Provincial Route 19 within the Urugua-í Provincial Park, a female jaguar was run over and killed by a car. The seriousness of this fact was further deepened when we found that this female was pregnant with two puppies.

From the Jaguar Project we believe that we must act urgently. It is essential that we respect and enforce traffic rules and maximum speeds in protected areas. Starting with the responsibility of each person who drives through these routes, and following by the authorities that they would have to take actions to avoid this type of situations in an urgent way: placement of speed controls in the entry and exit of the protected areas (with agents in sentry boxes or radars); placement of speed reducers on national and provincial routes (and their maintenance over time), plus posters on the subject so that the driver feels and knows that he is traveling through a unique place to which he must preserve, and mass and permanent dissemination campaigns on these rules and their penalties if they are not met.

Our sadness is enormous … the population of jaguars in Misiones was increasing, today is reduced not only in one time, but in three. This is a very serious loss.

The jungle is in mourning once again… and without a doubt, it’s up to all of us as society to be able to reverse this situation.