Genética de la Conservación para estudiar al yaguareté

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In these days, Patricia Mirol CONICET researcher biologist who works at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences Bernardino Rivadavia ( MACN ) was with the team of Proyecto Yaguarete . Patricia is a specialist in conservation genetics and applies the knowledge of the genome of mammals to protect endangered species . Together with Dr. Agustin Paviolo, directs the PhD of Facundo Robino, recently joined to the Proyecto Yaguareté. Facundo will focus on assessing how the loss and fragmentation of habitat affect to the genetic structure of populations of jaguar and puma in three ecoregions of northern Argentina : the Yungas , Chaco and Atlantic Forest of Alto Parana.

Thank you very much Patricia for your visit and shared knowledge with us these days, and welcome Facundo to the team!