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On June 17th we started the 2nd Environmental Education Campaign to Conserve Jaguars in Gran Chaco. The biologist Silvia Benito, with Sebastian Cirignoli and biologist Facundo Robino toured the province of Formosa visiting 18 schools and places of the area. More than 400 children and youth participated in education and awareness activities focused on jaguars and their conservation; and more than 600 children received educational material. Hundreds of children wichís, toba, pilagá and creole learned about the species and the plight suffered big cat in the region. A beautiful experience that gives us hope for a better future for the Big Chaco’s jaguars. Thanks to the province of Formosa for opening its doors to all who make this work possible! This activity of the project is in conjunction with the Campaign Group of Volunteers of the Chaco region, carried out thanks to the support of Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation, under the project “Forests addressing climate change in the Gran Chaco “, which assists our project. All activities Yaguareté Environmental Education Project carried out with the backing of the National Parks Administration (APN) and the Jaguar’s Friends Club (Club de Amigos del Yaguareté).