ARATIRÍ (the jaguar): the great hunter

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Aratirí, one of the male jaguar of the northern Misiones, surprised us again with its powerful ability to hunt. On Friday 11 March the Jaguar Project went to the Forest Reserve San Jorge after being notified of the finding of a dead tapir in the area with obvious signs of predation by a big cat. To register the predator, experts put camera traps in the zone, and after checking that it was a jaguar, they analyzed their pattern of spots to identify it. There was no doubt: the author had been Aratirí, the same male that was recorded in a similar scene in 2015 at the Iguazu National Park again!
Aratirí we still giving these exciting images that show his important role as a major predator. Not every day can you see jaguars feeding in their natural environment!!

Thanks to the staff of the Forest Reserve San Jorge de Arauco Argentina S.A. and Emilio White for his help in the field.

Known since 2010 by the team of Yaguareté Project, Aratirí keeps a hopeful story!! Discover it here